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Anjani Mahadev Temple Manali

Anjani Mahadev Temple is a holy temple dedicated to Devi Anjana (Mother of Lord Hanuman) in Manali. The main attraction of Anjani Mahadev Temple is ice Lingam formed by flowing water from the mountain. It is said that Devi Anjana meditated at this place. So the place is called Anjani Mahadev.  

During winters when temperature decreases and the water flowing from the mountains fall at a particular point and at the same time due to minus temperature, water freezes and formed a Lingam shape. Some time Lingam attains height up to 20 to 30 feet. The formation of Lingam is the same as it is in Amarnath. So it is also called Amarnath of Kullu or Chota Amarnath.

Thousand of tourists and local devotees visit Anjani Mahadev during mid of December to mid of April. Especially during Shivratri number of devotees offers their prayers and takes a holy bath near the temple.

Anjani Mahadev is around 2 km from Solang Valley. Distance fo Anjani Mahadev is around 15 km from Manali. There is 40 minutes uphill trek and also horses and taxi are available at Solang valley which takes the number of visitors daily to Anjani Mahadev. Even you can enjoy mountain bikes ride towards Anjani Mahadev.

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