Online Rohtang Permit is required for all tourist vehicles visiting Rohtang Pass. After the order of National Green Tribunal only 1200 tourist vehicles are permitted to Rohtang Pass per day. And all tourist vehicles visiting beyond Rohtang Pass like Leh, Keylong, Spiti, and Pangi etc also required Rohtang permit. Official site to get online permission is www.rohtangpermits.nic.in

This post is about online procedure of Rohtang Permit and congestion charges to be paid while obtaining Rohtang Permit. And also other alternatives way if you are not able to get Rohtang Permit and refund procedure if fee is deduceted and permit is not issued.

Various taxes / fees to be paid while visiting Rohtang Pass

Permit Fee (Applicable for those visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose):-
This is applicable for all vehicles visiting Rohtang pass for tourism purpose. This tax is applicable on daily basis and accordingly the permits are issued based on daily quota defined by National Green Tribunal (NGT)/District Administration. The tourism permit is valid for one day only (To & Fro). 

Mandatory Information required for Rohtang Pass Permit

Valid ID Proof
Valid Pollution under Check (PUC) Certificate
Vehicle Registration Date (Age of vehicle not to be more than 10 yrs)

• Daily Permit Limit:
(I) Petrol Vehicles = 800
(ii) Diesel Vehicles = 400

• The permits can be obtained online in two time frames:
(I) 10:00 hrs (200 Diesel and 400 Petrol)
(ii) 16:00 hrs (200 Diesel and 400 Petrol)

• In a week (Tuesday to Monday) only 3 permits can be obtained for each vehicle.
No Vehicles are allowed on TUESDAY as the day is marked for maintenance of Rohtang Pass.

Permits can only be applied for next 6 days from the current date.

Printout is compulsory for all permissions.

• Vehicles having wrong information on permit as compared to valid proofs will not be allowed to cross the barrier.

Congestion Charges:-
This is applicable for all vehicles crossing Gulaba Bridge. This tax is paid on daily basis and is valid for one day only (To & Fro).
Either Window for Applying Permit is Closed or Quota Finished

Rates of various taxes

S.No.              Vehicle Class                       Permit Fee                 Congestion Charges
1.                     Car & Jeep                            500                             50
2.                     MUV’s                                   500                             50
3.                     Buses & HMV                       500                             100

Policies of Rohtang permit site:

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1.      Introduction:
The web application is a simple interface to apply and generate the Tourism permits to go to Rohtang. The detail of such permit is under:-
·          Permit to Visit Rohtang
 All the travelers who are desired to visit the Rohtang for Tourism purpose are issued with such permit. This type of permits is issued daily and can be applied in advance to plan your journey to visit Manali and Rohtang. This type of permit is issued as for a Vehicle once in a day.
·         The permits issues are duly verified by the authority at various check points on the way to Rohtang and beyond Rohtang. The failure or illegal practice may attract legal action against the wrong doers. The permits issued are quota based and are issued on first come first serve bases.
2.      How to apply for the Rohtang permit
·          Applying for Tourism permit to Rohtang.

 To apply for the Tourism permit for Rohtang traveler has to follow following steps:-

a.    Choose the Permit
 First thing is to choose the date for which the permit is applied for after clicking on the Change permit date.

b.     Add the following details in the form:-
i.              Vehicle Number
ii.             Vehicle Registration Date (It should not more than ten years from date of applying)
iii.            Driver Name
iv.            Mobile Number (The OTP for successful generation of permit and permit SMS is sent on this number)
v.             Email Id (Is supplied an email with OTP and permit details are sent on this email address)
vi.            Purpose (Tourism in this case)
vii.           Vehicle Type (Car, Jeep, Truck etc)
viii.         Fuel Type (Diesel, Petrol)
ix.            Location (Rohtang in this case)
x.            Vehicle Category (Taxi, HRTC, Official etc)
xi.            Seating Capacity (Less than 5 and More then 5)
xii.           No of Travelers
xiii.         Id Proof
xiv.         Id Proof number
xv.           PUC Issuing Authority Name
xvi.         PUC Validity Date.
xvii.        Captcha text

 All the fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

c.     After filling up the details the user has to submit the form.
d.     After submitting the form the user has to enter the OTP sent on given mobile/email address in the following screen
e.     After entering the Correct OTP a permit is generated.
f.      Same can be printed by clicking the print link on the top of the permit details screen.
g.     After entering the valid OTP the flow is redirected for payment of fees/charge at Payment Gateway.
h.     After make the successful payment the user is redirected to print permit screen from here the user can take print out of the permit issued.
i.       The sample copy of the permit is as under.

3.     To reprint a generated permit
In case the permit generated is to be reprinted the user has to use the third link on the home screen. Here user has to enter either Permit Number or the combination of permit date and the vehicle registration number in the following screen:-

 After submitting the form the permit detail screen is displayed and permit can be printed from the print link on the top of the screen.
4.    To check the validity of permit.
The permits validity can be checked at any instance of time. This can be done by entering the permit number in the following screen and after submitting the same permit can be validated.

Do’s and Don’ts: The Web application caters the needs of mainly two type of users one is the user who is interested in visiting Rohtang for tourism purpose and another type of user is the one who is interested in the places beyond Rohtang (like Leh Keylong etc.). So in the same manner there are two types of permits issued by this web interface.

Refund Policy for Rohtang Permits

The Permit is issued only after the receipt of “Payment Confirmation Response” from the payment gateway.

Fee once paid is not refundable.

For all refund related queries and refund claims (for failed transactions only), if you don't receive any refund within 72 hours of your transaction, and then send an Email to rohtangrefunds@gmail.com. No refund request for the successful transactions will be entertained. If anyone found guilty, penal action will be taken against the same accordingly. Please, send your valid details in the following format:

  1. Bank Transaction Id
  2. Date of Transaction
  3. Date for which permit booked
  4. Vehicle Registration Number 
  5. Mobile Number given against your booking request
  6. Transaction mode (Online Banking/ Debit/ Credit Card) 
Frequently Asked Questions Rohtang Pass Permit MIS Tourism Development Council Manali (H.P.) 

1.    What are the modes available to get the Rohtang Permits?
 Answer: Rohtang Permits MIS web application is the only mode for getting the permits to Rohtang pass.

2.    From where I can check the Rohtang Permits Availability for a day?
Answer: The option check availability of the Home Screen gives the idea of permit issued for a specific date. There user also gets the information of Issued permit, Left Permits as well as Permit requests under Process.

3.    What are the timings for requesting for the Rohtang permits?
 Answer: The timings of permit can be found by clicking the concerned permit request option. These are highlighted in red color.

4.    What if the Rohtang permits are still left and there are few requests under process?
 Answer: If such scenario exists then keep on looking on the status as there may be chances where requests are not matured and still the permits can be left.

5.    Can I reprint the Rohtang permits?
Answer: Yes, there is an option available on the interface where a user can reprint his/her permit by providing the permit date and vehicle number.
6.    Is there any option available for cancelling the issued Rohtang permits?

 Answer: No, as per the administrative decision there is no facility to cancel the Rohtang permit once issued.
7.    How many permits can I print from my PC/ Mobile?

Answer: Maximum of 2 permits per device/IP-address is allowed in order to cater the public at large.
8.    Who to contact in case of some query related to Rohtang Permit Issuance?

 Answer: You can send an email to rohtangrefunds@gmail.com for any query related to Rohtang Permit Issuance.

Other alternative if you are unable to get online Rohtang Permit is to find local taxi with Rohtang Permit. Rates may vary according to demand. Normally its very high rates but you can also check sharing taxi from Mall Road Manali or you can also search Tempo union office Manali for sharing seats for Rohtang Pass.
 During peak season Himachal Roadways also play electric buses for Rohtang Pass. They charge around Rs.600/- per person to & fro Rohtang Pass. Availability of these buses you can check on this link https://www.hrtchp.com/hrtc_info/.
There is also a tab of Special permission for Rohtang Pass. 100 special permissions are also allotted daily on 60:40 ratios of diesel and petrol. One can also apply through special permission.

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