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The district of Sirmaur in the southeast corner of the State is divided by river Giri into two parts, the Cis Giri and the Trans Giri. Cis- Giri in which falls, Naha, the Headquarters of Sirmaur District shows slightly higher development indicators that the other area. The tourists however would find places of pilgrimage and interesting legends associated with these in both sides of the river. The princely state of Sirmaur had its capital in Sirmaur Tal, not far from Paonta Sahib. When it was destroyed in a flood, the Capital was shifted to to Rajvan and then to Kalsi and during the rule of Raja Karm Prakash (1615-1630), Nahan was spotted as the place fit to be the capital.

At 932m, Nahan is a pleasant looking town on a ridge of the Shivalik Hills. Its climate is salubrious and the town is dotted with gardens, temples and three popular walking circuits, commonly known as the Villa the Military and the Hospital Rounds. The ‘Chaugan”, a green open space, in the midst of the town is the centre for many cultural events and sports activities.

There are several private hotels, Government rest houses and Circuit houses besides Kisan Bahawan where accommodations are available at rates suiting to all pockets.

Main places to visit in Sirmaur are as below:

Renukaji:  A lake embodying Renuka, the wife of sage Jamadgni and the mother of Parshuram, is 45km, away from Nahan. It is the largest lake in the state with a circumference of 2.5km shaped like reclining woman, the lake is situated in a valley and the surrounding slopes are green with vegetation. A mini zoo, boating on the waters of the lake, trekking up to Jamu Peak where Rishi Jamadagni is said to have mediated, lion Safari and fishing river carp (Mahsheer) at Jataun 5km are other attractions. 

Paonta Sahib: This town surrounded by Sal forests and on the banks of river Yamuna was founded by the tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singhji, who stayed here for more than four years. Gurudwara Tirgarh Sabhib (22km), Gurudeara Bhangani Sahib (23km) and Gurudwara Shergarh Sahib (12km) are other Sikh Shirnes to be visited when in Paonta Sahib.

Choorchandni : A trek to this mountain of the silver bangle can be made from Shillai that is approachable by road via Sataun and Kaffota.

Ram Temple at Paonta Sahib: Known as “Mandir Shri Dei Ji Sahib”, this is located near the Yamuna Bridge. Built in 1899 in memory of Raja Pratap Chand of Kangra by his wife, who belonged to Sirmaur, this has exquisite marble work. Other temples in the vicinity are : Katansan Devi Temple on Paonta Sahib Nahan Road (30km) Shiv Temple, Patlian (4.5km) Nagnauna Temple (16km) and Yamuna Temple right on the bank of river Yamuna dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. This way Paonta Sahib is a seat of pilgrimage for both Sikhs and Hindus.

Suketi Fossil Park: Around 15km from Nahan, the site of largest fossil find in Shivaliks are now converted into a Park where there are life-size models of the extinct animals made of fiberglass.

Balasundari at Trilokpur: Around 35km from Nahan, it is the biggest draw of pilgrims from the neighboring State of Haryana. The object of veneration here is a pindi of devi that emerged from the earth in 1753. An image of Devi has also been installed and the masons were invited from Jaipur to build a temple.

Rajgarh: it is 30km from Solan, blessed with natural beauty, the place is known for apple and peach orchards. A rest house and few eating places make it a convenient place to stay.

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