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Wild flowers in Himalayas

It is always adventures while climbing to high hills. But during spring season it is more attractive due to wild flowers or we can say flora which mesmerize the whole atmosphere of Himalayas with its fragrance. Meadows of Himalayas range are full of these wild flowers during monsoon period and its look like a colorful carpet.

These flowers and herbs are used for medicine purpose and even some of these are very costly as they are rarely available and of precious value. Not only flowers there are lots of wild fruits, wild animals and birds added beauty to Himalayas.

One can easily find some of these wild flowers during their visit to Rohtang Pass which is only 51 km away from Manali. During monsoon season Rohtang Pass also witness variety of flora and attracts lots of tourists. Not only Rohtang Pass but Dhundi is also a place which is also easily approachable from Manali where some wild flowers are available.

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