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Places to visit in Mandi

There are lots of historic places to visit in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi District of today is the conglomeration of mainly Mandi and the Suket States of the past. The river Beas flowing first roughly from east to west and then in a northwesterly direction in the principal river of the District. The District is no less important to the  Tibetans and they call it Zohar because of the interesting association with the great Buddhist teacher and missionary, Padmasambhava,  (750-800AD) for he went to Tibet from here to preach the doctrines of Buddhism at the request of the Tibetan King.

Mandi town itself is a very old town built around a sunken garden, first of its type in this side of the country. Old bazaars, and exquisitely sculpted stone temples of Panchvaktra, Ardhnariswar, Trilkinath and Bhootnath attracts the eyes of any beholder. Shyamakali temple at Tarna hill is a 17th-century shrine and its surroundings present a panoramic view of the town. Mandi has one of the oldest degree colleges in the state and a big playground ‘paddal’ in front of it. The festival of ‘Shivratri’ and a football tournament during rains are the great attractions of the town when paddal hums with activities.

Main major places to visit in Mandi are as below:

Bhootnath Temple: This temple is in the midst of the town. Its construction in Shikhar Style was started by Raja Ajbar Sen in the year 1527, the year in which Mandi also started coming up.

Shyamakali Temple: Raja Shyam Sen (1664-79) got a temple of Goddess Kali built on top of Tarna hill here. Besides the majestic idol of Kali, the surroundings of the temple are easy on the eyes.

Rewalsar Lake: This lake, 24km away from Mandi town, rests on a mountain spur and is protected by dense vegetation. Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists hold the spot sacred alike. Guru Rimpoche, Padmasambhava, lived here and went to Tibet from here to start Mahayan Buddhism in Tibet at the invitation of the Tibetan King. Guru Gobind Sighji stayed here from a month in 1738 and Raja Joginder Sen got built a Gurudwara here in 1930. There are three Hindu Temples here dedicated to Krishna, Shiva, and Rishi Lomas.

Prashar Lake: This beautiful lake with deep blue waters is 46km away from Mandi and considered sacred because Rishi Prashar had meditated here. A three-tiered pagoda-like temple dedicated to Rishi against the background of snow-draped peaks is attractive. The tiny island of reed float over the lake here which is the main attraction.

Jogindernagar: A town 55km away from Mandi is ideal for a quiet holiday in the Hotel of HPTDC. It is the access point from 40km away Barot was one can fish for trout in the water of river Uhl and visit Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. Not to miss is a herbal museum and a herbal garden maintained by the Department of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy.

Sundernagar: It used to be the Capital of Suket State and is hardly 24km from Mandi towards Shimla. The water of the Beas and Sutlej project has given it a man-made lake. The temple of Mahamaya and Sukhdev Vatika on the nearby hill are other attractions.

Janjheli: The unspoiled village of Janjheli could be the starting point for various treks. It is only 67km from Mandi.

Jhatingari: 12km from Jogindernagar, it is a place surrounded by thick forest. The remains of the dwelling of the former rulers of Mandi is here. A PWD Rest House looks after the comforts of tourists.

Barot: It is a quiet place 40km from Jogindernagar via Jhatingari and 12 km by haulage trolley. The reservoir on the river Uhl for the Hydel Power Stations at Jogindernagar adds to its charm.
Places to visit in Mandi

Shikari Mata Temple: It is a temple without a roof. All attempts to cover the Goddess with roof have failed. A trek to this ancient shrine is enchanting.

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