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Places to visit in Kullu

Kulanthpitha, the end of the habitable world, of yesteryears is Kullu of today. The silver valley of Kullu lies on the banks of sacred river Beas. Breathtaking scenery, blossoming apple orchards, sway of wildflowers, flowing water of Beas and much more makes God appear to be far more generous in distributing beauty to the valley. There are lots of places to visit in Kullu and every year millions of tourists all around the world visit Kullu. There is bliss in every step that one takes in this enchanted piece of land. There is pleasure in the whiff of its air and ripples of water in the brooks.
Places to visit in Kullu

Kullu got its vehicular access only after independence and so has managed to retain its traditional charms. It is today a major holiday resort for the tourist of both Indian and foreigners. Many HPTDC and private hotels cater to their needs. The town of Kullu is known for its Dussehra festival when hundreds of village deities assemble in Dhalpur ground to present an unmatched time-honored spectacle. Men and women in their colorful best, joyous and mirthful, can be seen on the occasion.

Places to visit in Kullu:

Raison: Stay in a camp 16 km away from Kullu towards Manali and enjoy the site surrounded by orchards. An interesting point to start trekking and walking in groups or alone.

Bijli Mahadev: It is 14 km away across the Beas. The temple has a 20 m staff on its top. It attracts lightning that breaks the Shivlinga installed in the Garbhgriha. The priest of the temple puts the broken pieces together with a mixture of butter and grain called sathu. The Linga breaks again with lighting and the process goes on.

Basheswar Mahadev Temple, Bajaura: It is 15 km away from Kullu. It has a ninth-century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and has intricate stone carvings.

Katrain: The widest part of Kullu Valley is Katrain. It is 19 km from Kullu and provides for excellent fishing. Trout hatchery is also nearby.

Manikarn: It lies in the scenic Parbati Valley and is famous for its hot water springs. Revered by both Hindus and Sikhs, this place has a temple and a Gurudwara. It is also the starting point for quite a few treks to Pulga, Khirganga, Chandra Khanni Pass, Malana (the oldest democracy and a temple of Jamlu)

Naggar: Naggar is 5 km fro Katrain and was the capital of Kullu for 1400 years. Its castle is to be seen in order to know the beauty of local architecture. It is now Hotel Castle and run by HPTDC. The gallery housing the paintings of that Russian saint cum philosopher cum artist NicholasRoerich is nearby and is a must in any itinerary to Naggar.

Manali: Vaivasata is the seventh incarnation of Manu of Manusmriti fame. He cared for a tiny fish till it grew so big that it had to be released into the sea. The fish warned the seventh Manu of an impending deluge and requested him to make a seaworthy boat. And then the flood came, Manu along with Seven Sages in that boat was towed to safety by Matsya (fish), the first of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Manu’s ark came to rest in a valley as the floods subsided and that valley came to be known as Manualaya and later Manali.

It is a prime holiday destination today just 40 km from Kullu. High mountains covered by snow, tall Devdars, rippling waters of Beas, cool breeze, singing birds, wildflowers, fruit-laden orchards, picturesque hamlets all that nature can give is here. It is 50 km from Bhunter the airport of Kullu. It is 310 km from Chandigarh and 280 km from Shimla by road.

Hadimba Devi Temple: Only 1.5 km away Dhoongri Devi Temple was built in 1553 in honour of Goddess Hadimba, the wife of Pandav Bhima. It is a four-tiered pagoda style structure amidst the greenery and tall trees of Manali.

Tibetan Monasteries: The Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa built in 1960 and the monasteries at Chadhyari and Aleo are worth visiting while at Manali.

Manu Temple: Dedicated to sage Manu, it is 3 km away from Manali.

Vashisht: 3 km away from Manali these hot water spring baths. Temple of Lord Ram, Shiva and Sage Vashisht exist.

Arjun Gufa: 4 km away, Pandav Arjun meditated here.

Jagatsukh: 6 km way has temples of Lord Shiva and Sandhya Gayatri.

Solang Valley: 14 km away beautiful valley is known for its ski slopes, paragliding, and picnic spots.

Nehru Kund: it is 6 km from Manali and this small water storage is named after the first Prime Minister of Independent India because of he liked the place immensely and used to come here often while staying in Manali.

Kothi: it is another 6 km away and commands a thrilling view.
Rahalla Falls: Cascading waters add the magnificent sight. Rahalla Falls is on the way to Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass: It is 51 km from Manali and is the gateway to Lahaul. The Sonapati glacier and the Twin peaks of Gyephang are visible from here. A short distance from here is the lake of Dashair (Sarkund).

How to reach Kullu:
Rail: Connected by a 164 km long narrow gauge train up to Jogindernagar from Pathankot. Cover the next 135 km by car or bus. By broad gauge train up to Chandigarh and then 270 km by bus or car.

Road: Connected to all major cities of India through Chandigarh and Shimla. Several state-run transport buses, ordinary, semi-deluxe and deluxe, air-conditioned going to Kullu Manali.

Air: By air up to Bhunter and then 10 km by car or taxi.

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