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Baroad Parsha waterfall

Baroad Parsha waterfall is one of the recently developed tourist destinations in Manali. Baroad and Parsha are the two villages of Manali and this waterfall lies between the centers of both the villages. The left side of the waterfall is Parsha Village and Baroad is on the right side of the waterfall. This waterfall divides the boundaries of Baroad and Parsha village.

Baroad Parsha waterfall

Baroad Parsha waterfall is getting popularity these days and emerging as one of the best places to visit during your stay in Manali. This waterfall is an eco-tourism initiative by the government and Himachal Pradesh Forest Department. Earlier it was difficult to reach near the waterfall, but after this initiative, this waterfall is developed to make it approachable. And now one can easily reach near the waterfall.

Baroad Parsha waterfall

The distance of Baroad Parsha waterfall is around 5 km from Manali. If you are going to this waterfall from Manali side, then take National Highway 3 towards Kullu. After 1.5 km drive take the right turn to Kanyal road and after another 800 meters take left turn to Gadherni Village road and drive 2.5 km on this road. This is a link road and careful driving is needed. There is small parking near the waterfall and its around 15 minutes trek by foot towards the waterfall from road.

Baroad Parsha waterfall

The smooth and burble sound of water stream can be heard while reaching the waterfall. The rippling flow of water from the mountains is eye-catching. Recently Foot Bridge is constructed over the waterfall which is the perfect place for photoshoot. And on the left side of the waterfall, there is a little shelter for relaxing and meditation. There is a plunge pool basin which makes this waterfall perfect picnic spot of Manali.

Some precautions needed while reaching to Baroad Parsha waterfall:

  • Always stay on developed trails and do not stray from the observation decks and platforms.
  • Pay attention to the warning signs and rules mentioned and posted near waterfall.
  • Never climb on or around waterfalls. Rocks and stones near the waterfall are more slippery than they look.
  • Never jump off waterfalls or dive into plunge pools. Rocks and logs are often beneath the surface of the water but difficult to see.
  • Watch children very carefully. Children should always be under the immediate supervision of adults when visiting the waterfall. Click Here for more precautions needed while reaching any waterfall.

Some other most famous waterfalls in Manali are Jogini waterfall, Jana waterfall, and Rahla Falls. But due to the scenic beauty of Baroad Parsha waterfall it is also getting popularity these days. Book your Manali package with Tripambitons and we will arrange a complimentary tour to this waterfall.  

During the summer season visiting any waterfall is breathtaking but this waterfall is all-season tourist place in Manali. When you reach near Baroad Parsha waterfall, you will forget all your problems and get lost in beauty of water tumbling down from mountain. It feels so lively to stand there and witness the marvelous creation of nature. Do not litter near the waterfall and maintain the scenic beauty of the waterfall.  
Baroad Parsha waterfall

Baroad Parsha waterfall

Baroad Parsha waterfall

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