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Mr. Branes described the beauty of Kangra District in the District Gazetteers, “No scenery, in my opinion presents such sublime and delightful contrasts. Below lies the plain , a picture of rural loveliness and repose, the surface is covered with the richest cultivation, irrigated by streams that descend from perennial snows, and interspersed with homesteads buried in the midst of groves and fruit trees. Turning this scene of peaceful beauty, the stern and majestic hill comfort us, their sides are furrowed with precipitous water courses, forest of oak clothe their flanks, and higher up give place to gloomy and funeral pines, above all are waters of snow or pyramidal masses of granite too perpendicular for the snow to rest on”.

The headquarters of such a picturesque district is on less panoramic in beauty. It is Dharamshala that rises up to Mcleodganj at 1700m from war memorial at 1300m.

Yol Camp: An Army area, know for 12000 Italian Prisoners of war who were detained here during the Second World War.

War Memorial: A memorial made of three huge panels of black marble. The names of those men of Himachal Pradesh who gave their lives in various wars are etched in these panels. In the thick of pines, it is and eye – catcher.

Kangra Art Museum: It is at Kotwali Bazar and among its display is an old original throne of Raja Sansar Chand.

McLeodganj: It is called ‘Little Lhasa’ and since 1960 is theheadquartes foHis Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual leader and Nobel Laureate. Traditional Tibetan medicine is great attraction here. 

Namgyal Monastery: It is at Mcleodganj: This has larger than life images of Buddha, Avloketshwara and Padmasambhav besides several Thangka Paintings.

Dal Lake: it is a small lake surrounded by Devdar trees, 11km fromDharamshal. Naddi and Talnu are beauty spots of the area not far from the lake. There is a temple of Durgeshwara Mahadev by the side of Lake.

Church of St. John in the wilderness: It is 8km from Dharamshala. A dressed-stone church by the side of which is a grave of Lord Elgin, British Viceroy who died at Dharamshala in 1863. There is also a huge church –bell here.

Bhagsunath: It is 11km from Dharamshala. It has fresh water and an ancient temple.

Kunal Pathri: It is 3km from Dharamshala’s Kotwali Bazaar. An almost level walk heads to the temple dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Dharamkot: It is 11km from Dharamshala. It is a picnic spot.

Triund: It is 17km from Dharamshala. It is a base for several trek routes.

Chinmaya Tapovan: It is a 10km from Dharamshala. Its complex includes a 9m high image of Hanuman, a Ram Temple, meditation hall, a health and recreation centre. It also has residence facilities for members of Chinmaya Trust.

Norbulinka Institute: It is 10km from Dharamshala. It is named after the summer residence of Dalai Lama at Lhasa. It has a beautiful Buddha temple, a Japanese inspired garden, a dolls house and a craft centre.

Khaniara: It is 9km from Dharamshala. It has a temple complex of Aghanjar Mahadev. The place is known for its slates that are used for roofing of houses.

Palampur: It is 40km from Dharamshal. The rivulets, streams and the brooks are all full of life here. The height, the water and the cool breeze have given Palampur a climate fit to grow tea. So, tea gardens abound here adding beauty to already beautiful landscape. 

Neugal Khad: A visit to the place form amidst the tea gardens is refreshing. The wide chasm through which Bundla flows is wondrous.

Agriculture University: The sprawling campus of the University offers insight into the research and development done in the field of agriculture.

Chamunda Devi: Here are temples of Goddess Chamund and of Shiv. It also has a large water tank in which devotees take holy bath. 

Gopalpur: Here a small zoo.

Andretta:  A tiny attractive village where lived Norah Richard once totally devoted to dramatics. Her open air theater, now owned by the Punjabi University reminds us of the grand old lady. The place is home to exquisite Kangra pottery. Shobha Singh lived here and her house is now a gallery for his works.

Tashijong: It is a Tibetan monastery, also a handicrafts manufacturing unit.

Baijnath: Here is a thirteenth century temple of Lord Shiva. The graceful proportion and intricate carvings of this shikhar style temple are worth appreciation. It is said that Ravana prayed to Lord Shiva here from the boon of immortality.

Bir: It has a Tibetan Monastery and tea gardens.

Billing: it gained importance as it came to be known as the best paragliding site in the State. On top of the hill, it presents a panoramic view of the valley below.

Kangra: It is 18km for Dharamshala. The bustling town of Kangra at the confluence of Baner and Majhi streams is famous for its temples. The most notable is the shrine dedicated to Goddess Bajreshwari. It is a historical town and the fort here bears testimony to it.

The town was heavily damaged during the earth quake of 1905 but was rebuilt and is the biggest town of Kangra District today. A Jain temple is nearby and Jayanti Devi temple is seen on the next hillock.

The Maharana Pratap Sarovar ( Pong Dam): It is 55km from Dharamshala and has a reservoir where fishing and water sports facilities are available.

Masrur: It is 47km from Dharamshala and has the holy shrine in North India carved out of live rock. It is 160ft long and 105ft wide temple dedicated to Ram, Laxman and Sita.

Trilokpur: It is 41km from Dharamshala and has a cave temple with stalactite and stalagmite formations dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Nurpur: It is 66km from Dharamshala and has remains of old fort and temples. Lord Krishna’s temple has the idol that was revered by Mira. Visit Nurpur for silk cloth and clothing.

Haripur: It is 55km from Dharamshala via Ranital. An isolated place with a Rest house on one corner of a big, open ground. A small market fulfills the daily requirements.

Jawalamukhi: It is 53km from Dharamshala. It is one of the Shaktipeeths. The goddess is manifesting here as tiny blue flames and worshiped as such. There is musical fountain here which is a pleasure to watch during nights.

Paragpur: It is 65km from Dharmashala. It has been notified as ‘Heritage Village’ because of the ancient rural beauty and architecture that it has.

Garli: It is hardly 4km from Pragpur. Garli and Pragpur are known as the twin towns. It also has old houses of interesting architecture.

Dehra: It is 55km from Dharamshal. It is a sub divisional headquarters and sitting in the rest house one enjoys the beauty of sun set reflection the last rays on the waters of river Beas.

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