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Historic city Ahmadabad

Historic city Ahmadabad has become India’s First World Heritage City after the UNESCO World Heritage Committee included it in its list on July 8, 2017, 41st session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meeting in Krakow in Poland. It is the former capital of Gujarat. 

Ahmadabad was one of the three cities along with National Capital Delhi and Mumbai which was shortlisted for the title from India. This Historic city Ahmadabad was also listed in Forbes list as the World's 3rd Fastest-Growing cites in the year 2010. There are around 36 structures protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.
Historic city Ahmadabad

History of over more than 600 years, sustainable development and preserving its ancient heritage make its way to World Heritage List. Ahmadabad nomination was supported by over 20 countries including Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, Portugal, Peru, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Finland, Cuba, Angolan, Croatia, South Korea, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Azerbaijan and even the host country Poland.

“The walled city of Ahmadabad, founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the 15th century, on the eastern bank of the Sabarmati River presents a rich architectural heritage from the sultanate period, notably the Bhadra citadel, the walls and gates of the Fort city and numerous mosques and tombs as well as important Hindu and Jain temples of later periods. The urban fabric is made up of densely-packed traditional houses (pols) in gated traditional streets (puras) with characteristic features such as bird feeders, public wells, and religious institutions. The city continued to flourish as the capital of the State of Gujarat for six centuries, up to the present.” - UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi started India’s non-violent freedom struggle. Diversified culture and people of all communities adding their effort to make this city beautiful and setting an example for rest.

Some of the famous places of Ahmadabad are:
  • Sabarmati Riverfront and Sabarmati Riverfront event ground.
  • Sabarmati Ashram – Spiritual site in Gandhi’s former home.
  • Kankaria Lake.
  • Sidi Saiyyed Mosque – Famed 1573 mosque with an intricate carving.
  • Calico Museum of Textile.
  • Jama Masjid –Landmark Mosque built by Sultan in 1424.
  • Teen Darwaza.
  • Sidi Bashir Mosque.
  • Akshardham Temple.
  • Auto world vintage car museum.
  • Iskcon Temple.

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