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Jana waterfall

Jana waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Manali which away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd. The waterfall is not very big, but the scenic beauty towards the waterfall and it's surrounding attracts lots of visitors every year. Jana waterfall lies in Jana Village which is around 11 km from Naggar Village. This is a small waterfall of 30 feet in height.

Jana waterfall

How to reach Jana waterfall:

Distance from Manali to Jana waterfall is around 33 km. From Manali take left bank road which is also known as Naggar Road. On the way you can also visit Gayatri Temple at Jagatsukh and trout fish farm near Haripur. After driving 20 km you will reach Naggar market and take a left turn from Naggar market the road towards Naggar Castle and after driving a half kilometer to take a right turn before Naggar Castle. 

The route is surrounded by tall pine trees and apple orchards. Hilly's narrow road is full of gifts of nature. After driving 11 km from Naggar you will reach Jana Village which itself is a must-visit village where you can witness the culture and tradition of the valley. Just crossing the village there is a beautiful waterfall which is known as Jana waterfall.  This road further leads you towards Bijli Mahadev Temple. The road till Jana waterfall is suitable for small vehicles but if you are planning to go Bijli Mahadev Temple then 4 x 4 vehicles are preferred.

Vehicle charges for Jana waterfall:

Small taxi from Manali like alto or desire are available from Manali @1500/- for the whole trip of Jana waterfall and even buses are easily available till Naggar from the Manali bus stand. From Naggar, you can take a small cab as there are few rare buses for Jana. It is preferred to take a small vehicles from Manali or either Naggar market.  Book your Manali Package with Tripambitions and we will arrange a complimentary trip to Jana waterfall.

There is a small wooden bridge on the stream of the waterfall from where you can take photos of the waterfall. Like other waterfalls, there is a small plunge pool where you can beat the heat.

The main attraction of Jana waterfall:

Local Food: Jana waterfall is famous for its local food which includes Makki ke roti, sarso ka saag, local chatni, rajma, red rice, and pure ghee. This local food is available at affordable prices. Lots are food stalls are there which serve local food. Some restaurants are having wooden log for sitting and wooden tables and having food in these tables itself is a great experience. 

Jana waterfall

Adventure activities: There are lots of adventure activities available at waterfall specially zip lining and archery. You can also enjoy a village walk and short treks from the waterfall.

Best time to visit Jana waterfall:

Jana waterfall is an ideal place for relaxing and spending some quality time. Best time to visit the waterfall is between April to November. During wintertime, the valley is covered with snow and its difficult to reach waterfall as it is difficult to drive in narrow roads when roads are frozen. During monsoon season lots of school groups visit the waterfall for picnic and adventure sports.  

After spending some memorable time at Jana waterfall, visit Naggar village which is a heritage village, Naggar Castle, Roerich Art Gallery, Tripura Sundari Temple, and Gauri Shankar Temple are the main attractions of Naggar village.

Some other popular waterfalls in Manali are Jogini waterfall, Baroad Parsha waterfall, Rahala waterfall, and Sajla waterfall. Before planning to visit any waterfall, please check our waterfall safety article also.

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